About us

Our advice to you will be straightforward and honest. We are friendly and approachable. We will give you straightforward and honest advice. We appreciate that financial problems can be extremely stressful to the parties involved, we can help reduce that stress - contact us.

Nick & Helen

We will always deal with matters with great understanding, we will also be very clear about what the issues are and how to put them right. Sometimes our clients do not like what we tell them - but part of our job is to inform people of what they have to know and not what they would prefer to know.

Crucially, we believe that "There are always solutions, no matter how difficult you may feel the position is..."


What do we do?

We are insolvency specialists licensed by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.

We are also members of R3, an organisation for business recovery professionals

Our aim is to help you to reverse financial failure, or, when that can't be done, find the best possible solution for you.

If you have personal or business financial difficulties, sooner or later you will need some expert help and advice. Simply speaking we will tell you what you can and can't do and our input will also give you the ideas and resources to deal with your financial difficulties.

Here is a list of the areas in which we can offer formal and informal solutions:

For Business


Rescue and Recovery




Company Voluntary Arrangement

Scheme of Arrangement




Voluntary Liquidation

Compulsory Liquidation


Advice we can offer


Business Review

Advice to Directors

Advice to Creditors

Informal Solutions/Turnaround


Solvent Liquidation/Restructuring


Members Voluntary Liquidation

Striking Off and Dissolution


For Individuals


Rescue and Recovery


Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Debt Management Plan






Debt Relief Order

Administration Order


Advice we can offer


Advice to Individuals

Advice to Creditors

Informal Solutions








Time is often of the essence in financial matters, contact us as early as you can to give us the chance to provide you with the best possible outcome.